Press Releases

Microbase implements and operates Greek Manpower Employment Organization’s (OAED) Call Center

Athens, September 29, 2015

Microbase, with its Exelysis Contact Center platform, has been awarded the project for the implementation and operation of Contact Center services for the Greek Manpower Employment Organization’s (OAED). The objective of this implementation is for the Organization to better service its members, decrease the on-site visits, the improvement of provided services and minimization of costs.

The project includes the implementation of the Contact Center platform, a system for the management and monitoring of all communications with the Organization’s members as well as statistics, SLAs and KPIs monitoring. The project is complimented with a Knowledge Management Base which uses important information stored and provided by the Organization.

This is a multilevel project combining a large number of technologies, targeting the fulfillment of the project’s purpose and their business evaluation by the Organization.