Telecom Value Added Services


Internet telephony is not just a new trend, it is a station in communication.
Microbase is evolving telephony, transferring it to the Cloud and offering tools and capabilities.
Providing Solutions. Each Solution is adapted to your needs, following your business plan.

With ePhone you turn your internet connection into a telecommunication tool for your business, for high quality services, economically and reliably. You enjoy:

Virtual PBX

Get your own call center and combine it with ePhone services, zeroing the cost of acquisition and the cost of telecommunications infrastructure.


Get your own phone number in more than 60 countries and 3000 cities and receive calls from all over the world at no divert cost.

Mobile Extension

Take on the go your ePhone numbers and services with the Mobile Extension service and communicate without restrictions wherever you are.


With the Fax2Email service, you can receive faxes to your ePhone number, which will be forwarded electronically to emails of your choice.

Enterprise Voice for Microsoft Teams

Voice through Microbase Cloud Telephony, for Microsoft Teams users. Ability to use Microsoft Teams as a standalone Call Center or in connection with your existing Call Center, via Cloud infrastructure.

Smart Services

Turn your internet connection into a telecommunications tool, by providing high quality smart services, economically and reliably.

With ePhone you have a telephone number in Greece and in more than 60 countries and 3000 cities in the world. You can call anywhere in the world with high quality and low charges.

Prerequisites to enjoy the ePhone service are: internet, IP telephone device, soft phone application installed on PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone.

ePhone has more than 3000 customers since its launch.

ePhone is an important communication tool of the Humanitarian Organization Lifeline, for the local, international communications and online meetings of the Members. Microbase, in the context of its social offering, provides the service as a sponsorship, to support the activities of the Organization.