Customer Support

Man and Voice at the core

Customer Support

Man, Technology and Voice at the Core.

Microbase's mission is to adapt the most advanced Technology to the needs of the customer, focusing on the Man (human). We operate anthropocentrically, in a double sense:

The Man-user of technology. Our Solutions are characterized by their simplicity and ease of use. Our goal is, for the user of our services, to have the most facilities, with the least difficulties in getting acquainted with them.

The Man-customer of Microbase. The immediacy of the Microbase Customer Support Team and the high level of knowledge of its Executives, are part of our mission. We are next to the customer immediately, in any emergency.

We consider that this dual concept, adds an extra value to the Customer.

As Voice is the common denominator of Microbase Products, Services and Support, we insist on having Engineers and Salesmen immediately available for telephone contact, in case of any emergency.

We believe that the Integrated Voice Communication Solutions, combined with the experienced, trained and readily available staff, are the strong points of Microbase.