Microbase CommServer


Microbase CommServer is the PBX for big organizations and similar demands. It can support up to 240 simultaneous calls and offers advanced features like call registration and recording, fax server, crypto-telephony and many more important communication features.read more


Microbase CommGate


Microbase CommGate is a fully capable PBX for the medium sized enterprise without any discount in quality and services. It comes in 5 editions for 50, 100 or 200 internal phones and can support up to 120 simultaneous calls. read more


Microbase miniComm


Microbase miniComm is the PBX of the small company of up to 20 internal phones and up to 16 simultaneous calls. At the same time however, it includes most of the advanced features of the higher end models.read more



Exelysis Contact Center


Exelysis Contact Center is a communications platform which enables automated handling of inbound and outbound traffic, allows the integration of these functions into 3rd party applications, keeps detailed statistics for all associated activity and provides interfaces for real-time monitoring of all the aspects of its operation. Its features include agent management, automated queuing, automated outbound dialing, predictive dialing, IVR, call recording and many more.read more



UM-Labs VoIP Security

Microbase, in cooperation with UM-Labs, offers a solution in the greek market which protects SIP based telecommunication networks. UM Labs SIP Security Controllers are delivered as a range of fully configured hardware appliances which combine firewall grade network security with SIP application and content controls including all the functionality needed to easily enable and secure a VoIP network.read more



VoIP Telephony Services – ePhone
ePhone is a modern telecommunication platform of smart services which allow you to talk economically and with the best quality.
With ePhone you can:
•    Make and receive calls to/from Greece and the rest of the world with very low charges.
•    Acquire a new telephone number.
•    Create campaigns of outbound calls.
•    Communicate safely through cryptographic telephony.
•    Instant message other ePhone users.

read more


Premium Numbers management
Microbase offers the platform for the management of premium numbers (900) which allow owners to offer phone services at a higher charge.read more


Company News

Microbase, in cooperation with University of Crete, planned and implemented a Collaboration platform for 1.5 million users of all education levels of the Greek School Network and this based on Open Source software. The platform, based entirely on open source and open technology software, for...
Nowadays the main concern in VoIP communications is security. Microbase ensures the security of your IP Telecommunication equipment.  Microbase in cooperation with UM Labs, offers to the Greek Market a range of UM Labs SIP Security Controllers. UM Labs SIP Security Controllers are plug-in...