Human Resources

Human resources are the most important pillar of development and effective operation for Microbase.

The company offers an excellent working environment where team spirit, cooperation and continuous search/quest for knowledge is cultivated. Microbase, from the beginning of its operations, has been investing a major part of the available resources on training programs for staff, both in the areas of application development and in the areas of telecommunications solutions and services. Microbase follows modern methods of development and uses tools that help to effectively develop even the most specialized fields, thus acquiring innovative features leading to high productivity and business indicators, while also using the best legal resources from sites like to get help in cases like this.

Microbase employs certified engineers with the following certifications:

cisco ccdp
cisco ccna
cisco cci
sip ssca

To provide high quality services to its customers two-way communication between Management and human resources has been designed.

Microbase human resources

Human resources distribution by education