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Man and Voice at the core

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Integrated Communication Solutions

Microbase is a Greek company that provides Integrated Communication Solutions, with dedication to the evolution of technology.
It was founded in 2003 by a team of Engineers specializing in Informatics and Telecommunications. This project was led by Antonis Psaras and Yiannis Lagonikas, who are managing Microbase until today.

Its viability and growth are inherent in its predictability and long-term planning. Microbase’s growth continues dynamically, based on its strong presence in the Greek and the world market.

Both the Management and its Executives, today, with the knowledge, the experience and the significant know-how, design, implement and manage development modernization actions in the free market (Private Sector) and the Public Sector (Central Public Administration, Organizations, Local Government Organizations).

The goal of Microbase is to maintain the Business Excellence that has been achieved through the high efficiency of the results, the financial robustness, the high standards of safety and quality, the inseparable relationship with the customers-partners.

Microbase is a licensed Greek Provider of Networks and Electronic Communications Services, by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) with number 07-116.

Its evolution and professionalism have been certified by International Quality Management Systems, which they verify its vision, values and mission. The certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 | Quality Management System,
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 | Information Security Management System,
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 |  IT Services Management System,

as well as the implementation of the General Regulation for Data Protection (GDPR), are in full compliance with its operating principles, in …

Supporting the services provided...

…with an active After Sales Support.

Satisfying the communication needs…

…of corporations and organizations, through data network design & implementation and specialized Products & Services.

Creating relationships with customers...

…for an in-depth understanding of their communication needs.


Communication Solutions

The main pillars of Microbase’s Solutions & Services – Voice, IT Security, Cloud, Data Networks – concern every contemporary organization, of every size and field. The adoption of Microbase Solutions ensures the Business Continuity, the Network Organization and the Security of the digital infrastructures & information of any organization either in the Private or in the Public Sector.









The know-how in advanced technologies and the experience of Microbase Engineers in the management of complex projects, ensure efficient Solutions in any Organization, regardless of size and field, Public and Private Sector.

The Microbase clientele in the free market (more than 200 companies) in Greece, covers a variety of fields, such as: Finance, Construction-Telecommunications, Road Networks, Call Centers, Education, Insurance Companies, Food & Beverage, Hotel Businesses, Public Sector etc.
In particular, Call Centers companies base their telecommunication and network needs on Microbase Voice Communication Products and Solutions.

Its business extroversion and the export of know-how are confirmed by the significant collaborations that have taken place – and continue – in 40 countries around the world.

Microbase continues to effectively retain all of its partners-customers, aiming for a common path to success.

The science, the deep knowledge and know-how of its Executives, the quality criteria of knowledge, the loyalty, the understanding of the risks, the mutual communication of the Management and the Executives, the in-depth provision of Support Services (After Sales Support), the effective implementation and especially the hard work of all, gives the power of continuity and its strengthening in the market.

Exporting know-how to 40 countries is a further proof of Microbase's experience.
Its operating scheme is well-structured and flexible, so as to:

Adjust with dedication...

…the latest technology, for the digital transformation of the customer.

Provide advanced services...

…with immediacy to regular and emergency needs of customers.

Consider Technology as art...

…and the Voice as an irreplaceable force.

Corporate Goals

Man and Voice at the core

Microbase offers Integrated Voice Communication Solutions, with dedication to the evolution of technology.

Vehicle, to achieve the Vision and Mission of Microbase, are its Values and the provision of reliable Communication Solutions. Working with this perspective, the primary requirements of its customers are achieved, namely:

  • the uninterrupted availability of its Services provided by Data Centers in Greece in privately owned Private Cloud infrastructure, in Athens and Thessaloniki
  • its response to every customer call – with a strong After Sales Support Team – characterized by its immediacy and cognitive level.


The reliable and effective response to the needs of our customers, creating long-term relationships of trust and heading Microbase to a leading position in the fields of expertise.



Customer Focus
Business Excellence
Safety and Quality Assurance



Our goal in Microbase is to add value to the Customer, offering innovative Communication Solutions, utilizing our excellent technological infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology that is constantly developing, in combination with our experienced and trained Human Resources.

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