A Unified Contact Center Platform


Exelysis is a new approach to telecommunications.
It is a contemporary Unified Communications platform that enriches and unifies the functions of a Call Center.
Combining the Greek words “Exelixi” (Evolution) and “Lysis” (Solution), Exelysis sets new standards in corporate communications.

Exelysis provides all the features required by a modern telecommunications platform. It adapts to simple but also to very demanding communication needs. As a valuable tool based on modern technology, it leads every organization to Digital Transformation.
The Communication optimization, the economies of scale, the security, the quality, are just a few of its features, which contribute to Trust, Satisfaction and the desired Customer Experience.
Microbase is a certified Gold Partner of Omilia Conversational Intelligence, enriching Exelysis Solutions with the most advanced human-machine communication technologies on the market, for the ultimate experience.

Exelysis Contact Center

A modern telecommunications platform with advanced features, developed On Premise, on the Cloud and / or Hybrid Cloud.

  • Automated Call Distribution
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Automated Telephone Campaigns
  • Call Recording and Encryption
  • Interface with other programs (CRM, ERP, etc.)

Exelysis Recording Platform

A complete platform for reporting and recording calls, which offers the highest level of security for the most sensitive information, telephone conversations.

  • Call Recording and Encryption
  • Maximum Security Level
  • Advanced Auditing Capabilities
  • Branch Interconnection (Unified Communication)
  • Creating a Call Waiting Line

Exelysis Unified Communications Solution

A Microbase proposition for PBX, which covers the essential communication needs of each organization.

  • PBX Solutions
  • Real-time / History and Statistics Monitoring
  • Easy Management of the Organization’s Communication System
  • Easy to use and to learn
  • On Premise, Cloud and/or Hybrid Cloud Implementation