Cloud Solutions & Services

Microbase covers the transition to the Cloud by offering its own Cloud Solutions and Services.

The Cloud is becoming more and more necessary, since its multiple benefits for every organization have been proven. The economy, the flexibility, the better collaboration, the increased productivity, the remote work, the file and data sharing, the increased security, are just a few of its advantages.

As the immediate after-sales support is the strong point of Microbase, we urge you to trust the wide range of Cloud Solutions and Services offered:

Virtual PBX

The Virtual PBX is the service that eliminates the need of a conventional call center and consequently its physical installation in your business, having all the telecommunication infrastructure on the Cloud.
Utilizing modern IP networks and using compatible terminal devices (IP devices, softphone on pc or tablet or even on a smartphone), the Microbase Virtual PBX platform offers all the functions of a modern call center, with upgraded services. All with flexibility, portability and above all economy.

Cloud Call Center

It is a new approach to telecommunications. It eliminates the Call Center infrastructure, the high cost of acquisition, of configuration and of maintenance. It continues to meet the needs for increased productivity, for better monitoring of infrastructure and quality of services provided.
The Microbase Cloud Call Center Service offers to the customer multiple services such as Predictive Dialing, Modular IVR, Advanced Call Queuing and Call Recording, while remaining a flexible, reliable, quality and economical Solution.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony allows you to turn your internet connection into a telecommunications tool, providing high quality telecommunications services, economically and reliably.
The ePhone Cloud Telephony platform and services are a tool for freelancers and can meet the basic and most specialized telephone communication needs.

They are just as valuable for companies that are constantly looking for ways to improve their corporate image and communication, while reducing their costs.
Microbase ePhone Cloud Telephony upgrades the telecommunications experience, enhancing the Customer Experience and increasing Customer Satisfaction.

Microbase Enterprise Voice for Microsoft Teams

Microbase provides the Voice feature for Microsoft Teams users in Greece, through its Cloud infrastructure. The possibility of using Microsoft Teams as an autonomous Call Center or in connection with your existing Call Center through your Cloud infrastructure provider, is a proposition that Microbase first developed and provided in Greece. The Enterprise Voice Solution for Microsoft Teams can be used with any telecommunications infrastructure: with existing On-Premise or Cloud call centers, with ePhone Cloud call solutions such as ePhone Virtual and Cloud PBX, with ePhone Cloud Contact Center infrastructure, but also autonomously only by using Microsoft Teams as a Call Center.

Infrastructure Hosting

Microbase hosts in the Private Cloud infrastructure, which has in Greece, the data, the emails, the applications, all your digital data. This means increased reliability both in terms of data integrity and availability.
Hosting in Cloud infrastructure, relieves you of physical hardware and problems such as interruptions due to maintenance, etc.

Remote Working - Business Continuity

Microbase is developing Remote Working Solutions, which is now essential for the Business Continuity. Businesses continue to operate safely from a distance. With complete digital equipment for employees, so they continue to communicate with customers securely, to manage orders, to use the company’s digital systems & files, to maintain their productivity, with any device – laptop, pc, tablet, smartphone.