Communication Services

Microbase offers Integrated Voice Communication Solutions,
with dedication to the evolution of technology.

Microbase designs and implements On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions, hosted in a Private Cloud infrastructure in Greece. The Customer has options to choose among, fitting the organization’s technology strategy.

The Cloud Solutions combined with the Cloud Telephony Services, are the ultimate option for the Customer, offering a turn-key solution. With Voice being at the center of our services – and with Cloud as a key tool – we are expanding the pillars of our Solutions & Services, with IT Security and Data Network Organization.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Microbase takes all appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect personal data and provides the following Solutions & Services.

Voice Communication

High level of know-how on Voice Communication Solutions & Services. By analyzing and adapting to your own telecommunications needs.

IT Security

With significant certifications and focused on Digital Data and Communication Security, Microbase offers reliable Solutions that cover the sensitive area of your information infrastructure.


At the heart of the -necessary to all- Digital Transformation are the Solutions offered by Microbase, through Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Government Cloud infrastructure.

Data Network

Microbase provides integrated Solutions and consulting Services in the design, implementation and maintenance of network infrastructures and systems in Businesses and Organizations.