IT Security

IT Security Solutions & Services

For Microbase, providing a secure environment for its
customers’ digital assets is an ongoing process.

The continuous monitoring of the global developments by the Microbase Engineers, allows the customer-company to focus on its business prosperity, without worries about digital threats and cyber-attacks.

As the immediate after-sales support is the strong point of Microbase, we urge you to trust the wide range of Integrated IT Security Solutions and Services offered:

Safety Assessment

In order to properly address security issues, the relevant Assessment must precede. Its purpose is a) the analysis of the current situation, the detection of vulnerabilities and security gaps and b) the analysis of procedures and other factors that can be used to avoid breach of infrastructure and data of any company/ organization. Microbase assesses the current situation and proposes modern Solutions for security shielding.

Cloud Protection

The transfer of the infrastructure or part of the companies’ IT services is an ongoing process. The data is now available from everywhere to business users, but not only to them. Nowadays, the protection of Cloud infrastructures and services goes beyond the common practices of perimeter and user protection, since they are hosted in third party infrastructures. Microbase has a range of Solutions, which in collaboration with the Cloud Provider of the company/ organization, protects the customers’ data and ensures access only by users. Email Protection, Cloud Storage Protection, Identity hijacking, DLP are some of the application points of these Solutions.

Perimeter Protection Systems (Firewall)

The protection of the infrastructure and digital data of the companies/ organizations, is a necessary condition for the safe activation of remote work and for their orderly and productive operation, in the new era.
Microbase, in collaboration with the market leaders of Next Generation Firewalls, offers reliable Solutions for the protection of the perimeter and the safe remote access of the users, with technologies such as Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Zero Day Attack Detection and Prevention, Content Filtering etc.

End Point Security Systems

Over time, the most important vulnerability of businesses/ organizations is the end user. Many attacks are aimed at mishandling or poorly protected user terminals. Attacks on users and terminals are constantly evolving, while a large number of them can not be detected by conventional Antivirus methods. Microbase has a range of Solutions for the protection of users and their terminals, based on modern technologies using AI and ML and features such as Anti-Virus, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Phishing, DLP, Thread Emulation and Extraction etc.