Data Networks

Data Networks Solutions & Services

Microbase covers the data network needs of organizations,
offering a range of Solutions and Services.

The evolution of technology along with the market and competition needs, have imposed the digital organization of enterprises – of all sizes and fields. Setting up a local, a wireless, a virtual or any other data network, is a key pillar of Microbase.

As the immediate after-sales support is the strong point of Microbase, we urge you to trust the wide range of Integrated Network Solutions and Services offered:

Optical Fibers

Microbase offers connectivity services through point-to-point circuits that guarantee capacity, low latency (RTD) and dedicated use. At the same time, using fiber optics networks, Microbase offers uninterrupted, fast & stable connectivity to the Internet via multiple upstreams. Low latency is achieved both nationally (GRIX – Internet Exchange of Greece) and internationally, through direct peering with multiple providers for internet traffic exchange.

Wireless Connections and Wi-Fi Infrastructure

When conditions and needs require wireless networking, it is very important to install and configure the appropriate equipment. Microbase, whether it concerns wireless connection or space coverage via Wi-Fi technology, assesses the conditions and the space, proposes the best solutions from the most reliable companies and implements the relevant infrastructure, so as to offer the solution to the wireless needs of its customers.


With multiple systems being used by companies for their productive operation, the use of virtualization technology is becoming more and more frequent, to take advantage of economies of scale and ensure the continuous operation of infrastructure. Microbase implements virtualization infrastructures, analyzing the needs of the customers and advising them on their sizing.

Data Rooms

The full development of a Data Room with all the elements that allow its uninterrupted operation, is part of the services that Microbase offers. Racks, wiring, organization, air conditioning, antistatic floors, UPS, equipment installation and more, are offered and implemented by Microbase, delivering to our customers a ready-to-work space that hosts their information infrastructure.

Structured Cabling

For the proper functioning of information systems and network infrastructure, the correct cable installation and wire management is imperative. Microbase implements, or restructures, the cable environment, based on the customer’s needs, delivering a complete, state of the art cable infrastructure.

Active Network Equipment

The implementation and support of any company’s network infrastructure, requires the use of active network equipment such as Hubs, Switches, Routers and more. Microbase, in collaboration with the largest manufacturers of active equipment, analyzes the needs of the customer, proposes and implements the best solution that will complete its network infrastructure.

Network Organization

Microbase offers services for the design, implementation, maintenance & upgrade of data networks, ensuring the proper and efficient operation of the information infrastructure and the optimization of the performance of our customers’ systems.