Voice Communication Solutions & Services

The need for digital transformation of both the Public Sector and Businesses,
is imperative for their survival – regardless of their size and scope.

The benefits obtained from the adoption of modern Communication Solutions are numerous, starting from the Economy and ending in Customer Service.

Microbase, as a proven expert on Communication Solution technologies, analyzes the characteristics of your business activities and develops the ultimate Solution for you.

As the immediate after-sales support is the strong point of Microbase, we urge you to trust the wide range of Integrated Voice Communication Solutions offered, from the simplest to the most complex:

Unified Communication Solutions

The Call Center Solutions of the past have been replaced by Unified Communication Solutions. Microbase offers an advanced communication system, the Exelysis Unified Communication Solution, which, based on the open source Sangoma / Digium Asterisk software, provides advanced communication capabilities.

Benefits: free of licenses, perfect adaptation to the needs of your company, integration of communications, ease of use.

Cloud Telephony Services

Microbase, as a licensed telecommunications provider, provides Cloud telephony services, via Internet Protocol (VoIP). These services are provided through owned Cloud infrastructure, which are interconnected with domestic providers, but also with foreign providers, offering high quality services.

Benefits: ability to provide telephone number in more than 60 countries, encrypted communication, HD Voice, extremely low end prices, direct activation.

Voice Recording Bot Solution for minutes retention

Save time and gain accuracy on your Microsoft Teams meetings with the use of AI and the Voice Recording Bot, which keeps the minutes of your Microsoft Teams conferences. The Microbase Voice Bot accurately records all the verbal communications of a Microsoft Teams meeting, recognizes/ separates them per speaker and converts them into minutes.
• The user simply activates the Voice Bot during the meeting.
• The Voice Recording Bot records audio / voice and converts it to text.
• At the end of the conference the user can edit the text – if necessary – and send it electronically.

Benefits: speed in keeping and sending minutes, accuracy in recording what is said, ease of use, saving resources, clear responsibility of records retained.

Automated Outgoing Call Solutions

Microbase through the Exelysis Contact Center platform, provides a complete Solution for the automation of the outgoing calls of your business. Standalone or in conjunction with third-party applications such as CRM, Campaign Management, Collection Systems, etc., it maximizes the performance of your employees, ensures the proper execution of the campaign, while ensuring Compliancy.
In addition, the real-time and the historical statistics of the actions’ execution, provide rich information for its optimization and monitoring.

Benefits: maximization of performance, compliancy assurance, optimization of execution, process automation, interface with third party systems.

Incoming Calls Management Solutions

The Exelysis Contact Center platform offers a smart and dynamic management of your incoming calls. Through the routing system of the calls, based on their characteristics, the matching of each call with the most suitable representative is ensured, achieving the maximum satisfaction of the customers and their service in the shortest possible time.

Benefits: time and resources saving, automated call distribution, maximization of satisfaction, security.

Voice Portal Solutions

Based on the voice portals of the Exelysis Contact Center, Microbase offers the complete automation of the call with the customer and its complete service without a physical representative. By creating multiple scenarios and experiences, customer service is fast and efficient.

Benefits: ease of use, safety, time and cost savings for the customer and the company.

Call Management and Recording Solutions

Microbase offers multiple call recording solutions -e.g. for quality assurance, for transaction security, for educational reasons, but also for all of the above- that cover all needs and required security levels. Any type of recording need can be met: from simple recordings, to encrypted storage and to an auditing platform.

Benefits: quality and transactions assurance, security, ease of use, compliancy.

Encrypted Communication Solutions

Microbase -with years of experience in Voice Over IP technologies- has developed Solutions for efficient encryption of signaling and voice. The technologies used are based on well-known encryption algorithms, where through multiple levels of encryption and strong hardening, Microbase achieves the maximization of the security of your communications and their privacy.

Benefits: communications confidentiality assurance inside and outside the company.

Voice Analysis Solutions

Through the Voice Analysis Solutions, the security of the transactions reaches its maximum level, as the user is identified by the biometric characteristics of his/her voice. Furthermore, on a commercial level, voice analysis helps to maximize customer service, recognizing his/her intention and mood.

Benefits: quality and transactions assurance, better communication, targeted informative actions.