June 12, 2018 chatzi

Microbase as a Contractor of an ELTA Project

Implementation of ELTA telephony system via internet (VoIP)

The Hellenic Company Microbase emerged after a tender as a contractor of the project “Implementation of ELTA telephony system via internet (VoIP)”.

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The object of the contract concerns the design, implementation and support of SIP service infrastructure for the communication needs of ELTA and in particular the implementation of internet telephony system (VοIP), which will cover the needs of the organization throughout Greece, providing through central infrastructure, call center services, both for the central services and for the remote points (branches of the organization).

The main objective of this project is the reduction of telecommunication fees and the maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure, the telecommunication integration of all branches and central infrastructures, through a new central telecommunication infrastructure (centralization of services), the better control of the infrastructure and the provided services, the increase the cooperation and productivity of employees through cooperative facilities, the development of advanced telephone services, with ultimate goal the removing of existing telecommunications equipment and infrastructure of the branches in relation to their interconnection with the headquarters.

The solutions offered by Microbase are distinguished for: the high quality of the offered services, the speed of implementation and the ensuring of business continuity, as well as for the possibility of adapting the solution to the special functional needs of the organization.

Antonis Psaras, Managing Director of Microbase, stated:

“I am particularly pleased with the adoption by ELTA of new electronic communications technologies, with the prospect of further development, in order to reduce operating costs, to improve employee productivity and to increase the customer satisfaction of the Organization.
Microbase will assist in this effort, ensuring the smooth transition to new technologies and the smooth operation of the Organization. I am convinced that this will be a model of successful practice for other Organizations.
The goal of Microbase is the successful implementation and delivery in full operation of this project, like many other projects in Greece and abroad”.