May 31, 2021 margarita

Integrated Telecommunication Solutions from Microbase for Interworks SA

Microbase, a provider of Integrated Communication Solutions, has delivered a set of Cloud telecommunications services to Interworks to meet its needs.

The need for Interworks to search for a comprehensive cloud Solution for integrated communications arose from:

  • the great increase in remote working,
  • the integration of the Microsoft Teams solution into all internal communication,
  • the need for consolidation of its telecommunications resources inside and outside Greece.


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The Solutions Cloud PBX and Enterprise Voice For Microsoft Teams proposed and implemented by Microbase, integrated all of the customer’s telecommunications functions and facilitated their use from anywhere, while through ePhone telephony they integrated their telecommunications infrastructure in Greece and abroad.

More specifically, the following were implemented:

  • The Microbase Cloud PBX Solution, a dedicated cloud call center, which manages all calls from all phone numbers and, through the different IVRs, routes them properly.
  • The Microbase Enterprise Voice For Microsoft Teams service, which connects the Microbase Cloud PBX to Microsoft Teams and allows users to have their internal number on their Teams client, PC or mobile, wherever they are.
  • The ePhone telecommunication services, with the routing of all geographical numbers inside and outside Greece, as well as the Fax to Email and Web to Fax service.

Antonis Psaras, Managing Director of Microbase, stated “…We are very pleased to welcome Interworks – a Greek company with an excellent track record and global growth in the field of Cloud infrastructure and services – in our ecosystem. Always committed to covering the communication needs of our customers, we have proposed and implemented Solutions that reduce the complexity of infrastructure and telecommunications costs. At the same time, they improve the customer experience and increase the accessibility of users to the company’s telecommunications resources. The similarity of the philosophy of the two companies, gave the basis for a successful cooperation of immediacy and consistency, promising future extensions… “.

“One of the most important tools we use at Interworks is Microsoft Teams, which has proven to be a lifeline for integrated team collaboration, especially during the Covid-19 era with the increased needs for teleworking and long distance communication. When we discussed with Microbase the possibility of integrating the entire classic telephony of the company through Teams and the transfer of our call center to the Cloud, the decision was not long in coming. Thanks to our excellent cooperation, the project was implemented in a very short time, saving resources and ensuring the direct and multi-level communication of our staff through a single tool “, said the Vice President of Cloud Infrastructure and Services (VP ​​Cloud Infrastructure & Operations) of Interworks, Christoforos Nikolopoulos.

“We recently signed a similar Distribution Agreement with Microbase, so that its products and services will be available to end customers soon, through the extensive network of cloud services resellers of Interworks,” he added.

This partnership brought Microbase even closer to its goal of creating the largest Cloud telecommunications ecosystem in Greece and to lead this subversive change in the telecommunications sector. Adding value to the Customer, Microbase offers innovative communication Solutions, utilizing its excellent technological infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology that it is constantly developing, in combination with its experienced and trained Human Resources.