September 25, 2020 exisadmin

Microbase Enterprise Voice for Microsoft Teams

Telephony for Microsoft Teams

Microbase, provider of Integrated Communication Solutions, was the first in Greece to develop the ability to use Telephony in Microsoft Teams, through its Cloud infrastructure, certified by Microsoft.

The Microbase Enterprise Voice for Microsoft Teams Solution, enables the use of Microsoft Teams as a standalone Call Center or in conjunction with the existing Business Call Center.

Microbase Enterprise Voice For Microsoft Teams

The Microbase Enterprise Voice for Microsoft Teams Solution can be used with any telecommunications infrastructure scheme chosen by organizations:

  1. On-premise PBX interface with Microsoft Teams through the Microbase Cloud infrastructure, for customers who want to combine their existing call center with Microsoft Teams.
  2. Microbase Cloud PBX interface with Microsoft Teams, for customers who need a Hybrid PBX/ Microsoft Teams solution entirely in the Cloud.
  3. Use Pure Microsoft Teams as a standalone call center in the Cloud, in conjunction with Microbase’s Cloud Telephony service, which provides telephony and numbering.

Some of the benefits of using the Microbase Enterprise Voice Solution for Microsoft Teams are:

  • Remote Work: Work from anywhere with simplicity.
  • Security: Encrypted Communication and Strong Certification from Microsoft.
  • High Availability: The service works even if the infrastructure is down, with the Hybrid and Pure Teams options.
  • Reliability: Everything on the Cloud with the Microsoft guarantee.
  • Unified Communication: Possibility of voice calls with internal call center or with telephone lines on the same platform.
  • Voice Quality: HD Voice for Microsoft Teams and for telephony calls (where supported).
  • Freedom / Portability: Use of smartphone, laptop, tablet or pc for calls from anywhere.
  • Many Options: On-premise, Hybrid, Pure Microsoft Teams.
  • Cost: Charges to the company with call charges on the landline and not on the mobile phone. No roaming charges.
  • Easy Customization / Maintenance: Using Microsoft Teams application on mobile, tablet and pc.
  • Unlimited Possibilities: By using the Exelysis Cloud Contact Center services of Microbase, which offers Contact Center functionality in Microsoft Teams such as Agent Management, Call Recording, Voice Portals etc.

Antonis Psaras, Managing Director of Microbase, stated:

“Microbase’s know-how allows the covering of companies need for process optimization, for faster communication & immediacy, while maintaining human communication through Voice. It’s a reward for us that our customers trusted the Enterprise Voice for Microsoft Teams, upgrading the User and Customer Experience while adapting to the demands of the market.”