December 12, 2018 margarita

Microbase collaboration with E. Sfakianakis – I. Makripoulias – GDPR Greece


On November 27, 2018, a contract was signed between Microbase and GDPR Greece.


The cooperation concerns projects with the object of asynchronous and / or divergent education, training and education of executives and employees of Companies and Organizations, in matters of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in particular in Companies and Organizations that provide services by telephone.

With the expertise of GDRP Greece in matters of GDPR and respectively of Microbase in matters of telecommunications, educational material will be formed, adapted to the respective Company and Organization entitled “GDPR DON’T FEAR TO CALL”, which will cover general knowledge on the General Regulation of Protection Data (GDPR), special knowledge on telecommunications and specialized knowledge based on the security regulation of the Company or Organization.

“I always look forward to new partnerships as the horizons of companies expand, and in particular GDPR Greece, which is the first in the field to deal with the General Data Protection Regulation and with the cooperation that has already begun with Microbase, will expand its horizons, in the issues that Microbase has a leading role”, said Manolis Sfakianakis, Lieutenant General e.a. of the Hellenic Police and creator of the Cybercrime Prosecution, founder of the company GDPR Greece.

“The main axis of our company’s strategy is the provision of specialized and personalized services to our customers. We are very happy that through this cooperation with a company renowned in its field, we will be able to provide a high quality training tailored to the particular needs of this market”, said Ioannis Makripoulias, Computer and Informatics Engineer, MSc Computer Science, co-founder of GDPR Greece.

“We are very pleased with this partnership, which is a strategic choice of Microbase, with a clear focus on GDRP market training. GDPR Greece is a guarantee for the entrepreneurship of the Greek market and it achieves that with its knowledge, experience and reliability. I am sure that the joint force will give the maximum”, said Antonis Psaras, M.Sc Telecommunications and Information Systems, B.Eng. Electrical Electronic Engineer, Managing Director of Microbase.