The PIZZA FAN Project


PIZZA FAN is a Greek company that started operating in 1996 and today is the largest Greek chain in the field of pizza delivery, with more than 95 stores throughout Greece.


The company needed a central Call Center to receive orders and direct them to stores for execution. Given the big number of calls, it was necessary to find a solution that would meet these large infrastructure needs and help improve the business model of the Call Center. The technical requirements of the company for the upgrade of the Call Center included:

  • A Call Center of 60 to 160 seats.
  • Statistics recording and detailed reporting for calls and Agents.
  • Interface with the company’s CRM software, which was developed in-house.


The above requirements were met, using Microbase CommServer and Exelysis Contact Center.

  • Two Microbase CommServers were used, each with the ability to support more than 200 internal telephones. The interconnection of the remote stores with Microbase CommServers, was done using Microbase miniComm.
  • The Contact Center had 160 jobs, managing a mixed system of incoming and outgoing calls, giving emphasis on incoming. The Exelysis Agent Client , with which the CRM ap-plication communicates, has been installed on each PC, offering easy call management.


The benefits for the company from the adoption of Microbase Solutions were the following:

  • Cost saving from not using an external Call Center.
  • Integration of new highly efficient applications.
  • Installation of a system, open at database and call center, enabling control.
  • Possibility to develop additional applications in the future, on the platform itself.

Also, through the very detailed statistics and reporting offered by the Exelysis Contact Center, the company is able to:

  • Better manage both the human resources of the Call Center and the installation itself, maximizing their efficiency.
  • Intervene at specific stages of the customer communication process, making it much more effective.


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