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Microbase in a Conference of Smart Press | May 31, 2022

Digital Transformation: Emergency Solution Or Opportunity for Results

Antonis Psaras, Managing Director of Microbase, at the Smart Press Conference on Digital Business Cloud – Data Centers & Digital Transformation, sparked interest.


Antonis Psaras spoke about Digital Transformation and whether it is a solution of necessity or an opportunity for results. And more specifically about the Exelysis platform and how it can bring results.

His introduction was about global developments and the journey from the economic crisis and the pandemic to the age of the cloud and the digital transformation.

The beginning and the example were given by the state, digitalizing 1,144 services through The citizen was trained to use and be served through the internet, reducing waiting times and avoiding the “freezing” of the flow of procedures. With corresponding benefits for the state, itself.

Corresponding mobility was also observed by the Private Sector, as it accelerated at an unprecedented pace to its own digital transformation.

The pandemic crisis has created -among other things- new indicators (INDICES) regarding the evolution of the digital transformation, which are now monitored with optimism, in the name of serving citizens & consumers and in the name of competitiveness & development.

Microbase, specializing in the field of telecommunications with products such as Cloud Telephony, Cloud PBX, Cloud Contact Center Solutions, Cloud Integration with Microsoft Teams, etc., comes to propose the possibility of digital transformation in a difficult part of business that is real time contact. Having as its principle the triptych technology – voice – man, it promotes communication through voice, which resembles the most with that of one-on-one encounter.

Microbase has developed a Cloud communication platform provided with the Software as a Service model, which in combination with the services provided by its Cloud ecosystem, offers a complete telecommunications solution to the Cloud.

The Exelysis Contact Center, as its solution is called, provides all the modern features of a Contact Center platform, such as:

  • Manage incoming calls in a smart way, whereby analyzing the call data it can route it to the appropriate Agent at any time.
  • Ability to create automated services without Agent involvement.
  • Ability to recognize physical speech with Voice Bot that can complete a conversation or direct the customer very quickly to the right Agent.
  • Ability to automate outgoing calls with techniques such as Predictive and Power Dialing.
  • Tools for real-time monitoring of service performance and optimization of its operation.
  • Detailed historical statistics.

And many more that offer visibility for the company and improve the experience for the end customer.

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The transition of a company’s telecommunications infrastructure to the Exelysis Cloud is easy, with a small initial cost and a pay-as-you-go model, which facilitates both the scale up and the scale down of the solution.

In general, the use of the Exelysis Cloud platform enhances the quality and experience of customers and employees, while increasing customer satisfaction.

The digital transformation of companies started as a solution of necessity but has evolved as an opportunity for improvement and development and Microbase can contribute to this improvement with modern and innovative communication solutions and clearly serving the voice and focusing on man!


Antonis Psaras speech (in Greek)