April 13, 2022 margarita

The importance of Contact for a “remote” worker

Margarita Epitropaki | Microbase Corporate Communication & Marketing Manager

As thousands of employees have been living in remote work mode for (at least) 2 years, there is a lot of talk about:

  • efficiency and effectiveness,
  • the development of labor relations,
  • maintaining a work culture,
  • the correct perception of moods,
  • delays in the progress of work, etc.

Experts talk about the negative sign put in front of the above.

Moreover, and on the occasion of the distance imposed on us by covid, the question is: Does the replacement of face-to-face communication with digital, affect the above?

The evolution and imposition of technology and digital transformation undoubtedly kept the business world flowing, with satisfactory results – for the new condition. The “stars” being messaging, chatting, emailing. So is the emerging AI technology. We applaud them all! It is more than sure that they came to stay, in the hope of turning the sign of the above into a positive one, gradually.

While studying them calmly …. there is a common denominator in the above and it is called voice, it is called contact.

To what extent can digital communication finally leave room:

  • to “read” the mood of our interlocutor?
  • to perceive the positive / negative version of a written phrase?
  • to observe body language?
  • not to misunderstand the written word?
  • to develop relationships?
  • to convey the psychology that a leader wants to the team?

This is a topic more for professional scholars, which is posed here experientially.

Perhaps for the Millennials (and onwards) the above are not understood, not even discussed, because they have not lived the prons of the previous condition.

Fortunately, in all this, and as technology ran at breakneck speed, services came to “touch” reality.

A) There were platforms that simulated physical meetings (Microsoft Teams etc).

B) There were solutions that “brought” to our home the “environment” of the office (Cloud Contact Centers etc.).

C) And there was the Solution that included it all: Enterprise Voice for Microsoft Teams that upgraded our communication. It’s a Solution that:

  • Employees use their internal telephones at home.
  • Employees see their interlocutor – via video calls and video conferences.
  • Employees communicate with perfect voice quality – HD technology.
  • Employees communicate by telephone via the internet (from / to all over the world).
  • Employees can use any mobile device.
  • Has absolute security – through encryption.
  • Has a landline call charge – charged to the company.

So, you communicate with your interlocutor from any device, you see him/her, you hear him/her as if he/she is in front of you. You share the same file on your screen, work together, exchange files / links etc.

With the help of technology, we live the simulation of reality,
greatly “softening” the défaut of remote work and cold digital contact.
As long as we look for the right solution.