The Project

COMPANY PROFILE was created in 2011, with a vision to become the biggest ally in cost savings for insurance services, while offering the "perfect" shopping experience. The company's priority is to offer value for money through objective comparison, but also to change the way the insurance industry works! In 2014 succeeded in bringing the digitization of the insurance products market, making it 100% online! Since then, it has been investing in innovative technologies and processes, aiming at optimizing the quality of the services provided and the excellent customer service at all stages.


Through the telephone service of the customers, receives a significant number of incoming calls, while it also makes outgoing calls either in the form of a campaign or by communicating individually with its customers.
This feature requires a complete Call Center platform, with voice and numbering telecommunications services.


To meet the above needs, Microbase has implemented the Exelysis UCS and Exelysis Contact Center Solutions in conjunction with the ePhone telephony service.

  • With Exelysis UCS, enjoys complete Call Center services, used by its users for their overall communication.
  • With the Exelysis Contact Center, the intelligent pre-answering system forwards the calls either to the service department or to the competent departments, significantly improving the management of the large volume of calls.


With the Microbase Solutions, had multiple benefits:

  • Customers connect directly with the relevant departments, without waiting and by saving time.
  • Through the ePhone telephony platform and the numbering, the users of have their direct telephone number. So, they communicate with customers, providing personalized communication and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Through the detailed statistics and live time monitoring screens, the company receives all necessary information about call volumes, waiting times, agent performance, SLAs and more.
  • Outgoing call campaigns are carried out using the platform dialers for greater communication efficiency.


Call Center Solutions - Exelysis Contact Center

Integrated Communication - Exelysis Unified Communication

ePhone Telecommunication Services