The Energean Project


Energean (LSE: ENOG, TASE: אנאג) is an independent London-based hydrocarbon exploration and production company, specialized on the sustainable development of the Mediterranean natural resources, with a focus on natural gas. The Group's production comes from Israel, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Croatia, and the United Kingdom. In 2023, production reached 123 thousand barrels of oil equivalent (kboe) per day on average in 2023, while in the two months of January - February 2024 a new increase was recorded to 144 kboe per day, with 82% of this being in natural gas. In addition, it has launched an investment of the order of 900 million euros in total for the decarbonization of Greek industry and industrial units in the wider region, with the CO2 storage project in Prinos of Kavala, which is the first of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Energean operates multiple offices in Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, and Israel. For the best and most efficient communication between the points of presence, their direct telecommunication connection is crucial. For this reason, a single telecommunications solution is required, easily managed, with modern equipment and functionality, to improve productivity.


To meet the above need, Microbase implemented the Exelysis UCS Call Center Solution. With remote parameterization and support from the Energean Engineers, all installations were implemented immediately, quickly, and efficiently, achieving a problem-free transition to the new condition.
At the same time, with the use of devices from Snom and Gigaset, Energean’s offices operate with modern devices that offer rich functionality.
The Exelysis SBC Solution also enabled the interconnection of the telecommunication infrastructure with different and complex telecommunication interfaces requested in remote facilities.


The Microbase Solutions, after their installation and operation, provided Energean with:

  • Interconnection of all points of presence of the company
  • Facilitation of communication
  • Reduction of procurement and support costs from the Group’s overall central agreement
  • Ease of interfacing with telecommunications providers, regardless of country, through the flexibility and innovation of Microbase Solutions.


Integrated Communication - Exelysis Unified Communication

Exelysis Session Border Controller

Snom and Gigaset devices