May 18, 2022 margarita

Smart Cities | Microbase – Euroaxes collaboration

Microbase has launched a strong digital security partnership regarding Smart Cities, with the euroaxes group. This is a very important project, with excellent results for the Municipalities & Organizations and the Citizens, after its implementation.

The euroaxes group, having secured collaborations with the largest suppliers of Smart Cities solutions in Greece and abroad, designs specialized technological solutions and offers consulting services, with the aim of the financial benefit of the Municipality and the better quality of life of the Citizens. Euroaxes proposals include, among other, solutions for:

  • Smart Urban Equipment
  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Public Buildings
  • Smart Parking
  • Intelligent Waste Management
  • Smart Lighting etc.

Before implementing Smart solutions, the first step is the security of the information systems of the municipality! End Point Security is the first level of protection with immediate results in the context of Smart Cities for Municipalities, as it protects against Malware, Ransomware, malicious communications, and malicious sites, while also protecting data and can be installed on all mobile devices. Microbase is the digital security supplier for the euroaxes Smart Cities project.

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In general:

In view of the ongoing cyber-attacks against the public sector, ineffective cyber security measures can affect critical infrastructure and jeopardize citizens’ confidential personal data. This trend of continuing attacks shows no signs of retreating.

For the drastic and complete intervention in the field of digital infrastructure security, Microbase provides Checkpoint Cyber ​​Security Solutions in Greece.

Checkpoint is one of the largest Cyber ​​Security companies in the world and the only one that has security software that prevents 6th generation threats.

Microbase Solutions provide optimal attack prevention techniques, with an emphasis on prevention rather than threat. More specifically, we recommend End Point Security which is the first level of protection with immediate results for your organization, as it will protect you from Malware, Ransomware, malicious communications, and malicious sites, while also protecting your data.


The Public Sector, with its Businesses and organizations, must control and prevent the growing risk of threats to its digital infrastructure. It is necessary to decide on more investments in the field of security and to use a dynamic solution-compliance with security and the latest regulatory requirements. The aim is to continuously monitor the existing security infrastructure and real-time updates, achieving the highest levels of protection for citizens’ data.

New unknown attacks: The phenomenon of new unknown attacks that lack signatures and avoid detection is observed, as well as various malicious software that change their code as they move in a network environment.

Known threats: Many known threats are allowed to pass freely due to lack of detection, resulting in “moving” uncontrollably, causing incalculable damage until they are identified and addressed.

Use of multiple devices: the use of multiple devices has become commonplace, and this has increased the complexity of protecting sensitive data. It is necessary to use built-in security for mobile and terminal devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, etc.

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