November 7, 2022 margarita

Quality | Doing the right thing

Katerina Geronatsiou | Quality Assurance Manager / DPO

In an increasingly complex and demanding environment for businesses, Quality in the provision of products and services, as well as in the flow of internal processes, is a building block for their success and development.

Businesses in their pursuit to satisfy customer requirements, to comply with regulations and to capitalize on the challenges, they contribute to the continuous improvement and evolution of their products and services. By strengthening these elements, they improve their overall performance and increase their profitability, while creating solid foundations for their sustainability and development; always with respect for the society in which they operate.

Honoring this year’s theme of World Quality Week Quality Consciousness: Doing the Right Thing, as set by The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), we highlight the paramount importance of an organization’s ability to see standards and requirements and to have critical thinking. Starting from the training in Quality, we go to the friction with its requirements and end up in the consciousness of it. Only then we all get Quality Education, which is the point.

The validation of Quality compliance through ISO standards ensures
a high level of value for products and services,
inspires confidence in the consumer and
improves the flow of the overall business operation.

Microbase, respecting its customers and taking advantage of rapid technological developments, has invested in the development of Quality systems. Having as a strategic orientation the direct and effective provision of quality products and services, it has been certified for the ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 2014.
Still having the certifications:

  • ISO 20000 for the Management of IT Services and
  • ISO 27001 for Information Security Management,

the company ensures the continuous improvement of its business performance, while simultaneously creating added value for its customers.

By investing in Quality systems as the only correct approach to providing integrated services, companies gain a significant competitive advantage in an environment that needs respect and progress.