A Unified Contact Center Platform


Exelysis is a new approach to telecommunications.
It is a contemporary Unified Communications platform that enriches and unifies the functions of a Call Center.
Combining the Greek words “Exelixi” (Evolution) and “Lysis” (Solution), Exelysis sets new standards in corporate communications.

Exelysis provides all the features required by a modern telecommunications platform. It adapts to simple but also to very demanding communication needs. As a valuable tool based on modern technology, it leads every organization to Digital Transformation.
The Communication optimization, the economies of scale, the security, the quality, are just a few of its features, which contribute to Trust, Satisfaction and the desired Customer Experience.

Exelysis Contact Center

A modern telecommunications platform with advanced features, developed On Premise, on the Cloud and / or Hybrid Cloud.

  • Automated Call Distribution
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Automated Telephone Campaigns
  • Call Recording and Encryption
  • Interface with other programs (CRM, ERP, etc.)

Exelysis Recording Platform

A complete platform for reporting and recording calls, which offers the highest level of security for the most sensitive information, telephone conversations.

  • Call Recording and Encryption
  • Maximum Security Level
  • Advanced Auditing Capabilities
  • Branch Interconnection (Unified Communication)
  • Creating a Call Waiting Line

Exelysis Unified Communications Solution

A Microbase proposition for PBX, which covers the essential communication needs of each organization.

  • PBX Solutions
  • Real-time / History and Statistics Monitoring
  • Easy Management of the Organization’s Communication System
  • Easy to use and to learn
  • On Premise, Cloud and/or Hybrid Cloud Implementation


Exelysis | The Guide to success through your Contact Center

Can you imagine a Contact Center that will guide your enterprise to success?
Then get to know Exelysis in depth.

This open and flexible communication framework, beyond Contact Centers, is the absolute amplifier for your business’s operation, your roadmap, your Customers’ & Employees’ Experience, and so many more.
As companies turn towards improved customer experience and cost minimization, this eBrochure will bring you one step closer to your wish list!

With this eBrochure …

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