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Sponsorship to the Association of Friends of the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Penteli

By providing telecommunication equipment

Microbase offered to the Association of Friends of the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Penteli six state-of-the-art radios, 4G technology, to cover its business needs.

fire team

These new devices will be used for the intercommunication between the combat forces and the coordinating instruments, giving besides the voice communication, the possibility of location-sharing and the transmission of image & sound from the event, through a secure environment, without the possibility of malicious interference. Having in mind the bad moments of the fires in our country, which the rescuers-heroes are ordered to “fight”, but also admiring the institution of volunteering, we gladly proceeded to support their need for communication and better coordination.

The Head of the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Penteli, Fire Warrant Officer, Mr. Nikolaos Liakos stated that “telecommunications between the units operating in the field and the coordinating bodies, are a key factor for the positive outcome of an event. We are very pleased with your offer and I assure you that we will make the most of the possibilities that the new radios give us “.

We consider that the multifaceted services of the staff of the Voluntary Fire Brigade are of exceptional importance,
since they are next to the citizen, often with self-sacrifice.
Facilitating the team communication is the least we can do,
to support their work. We wish them as few bad experiences as possible
always being strong in their rescue work.


A few words about the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Penteli

The Voluntary Fire Brigade of Penteli was established with the number 14644 Φ.101.4 Decision of the Chief of the Fire Brigade on April 24, 1997 (No. ΦΕΚ 359 τ.Β ‘) at the request of the community of Penteli and was put into operation on June 14, 1997. It belongs operationally and administratively to the 12th Fire Station of Athens (Pallini). It is commanded by a permanent Officer of the Fire Brigade, has a total force of 49 people, of which, 3 permanent Firefighters and 46 Volunteer Firefighters and 4 Fire trucks. It is the only Voluntary Fire Service in Attica. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and intervenes in all kinds of events (urban & forest fires, road accidents, human release, floods, rescues, etc.).

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