January 25, 2022 margarita

Microbase, a Gold Partner of Omilia

Microbase has been certified as a Gold Partner of Omilia Conversational Intelligence, bringing on to Exelysis Solutions the most advanced human-like human-to-machine communication experiences and technologies in the market.

Exelysis Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered by Omilia, lies in the field of OmniChannel AI Conversation, which as a Self-Service Solution uses AI to provide enterprise-grade, human-to-machine technology leading to unparalleled customer experiences.

The speech recognition and natural language understanding (NLU) -of key concepts and intents- is already applied on the Microbase Exelysis platform and exploited by its customers of sectors such as financial organizations, telecommunications, infrastructure, telemarketing services, etc., worldwide.

Aiming to help large enterprises improve the customer care experience, Exelysis NLU powered by Omilia, exploits the most updated technologies to overcome the IVR as a legacy experience, and rediscover it as the new, digital channel; being state-of-technology oriented.

The “One Platform for All Channels” covers Omni-Channel Customer Care with Voice & Text for call center, mobile app, web chat, sms, smart speakers, social media, email; same impeccable conversational experience on all channels, redefining human-to-machine communication experiences.