October 5, 2020 margarita

Microbase Enterprise Voice for Microsoft Teams

Antonis Psaras | Microbase Managing Director

The 2020 pandemic and the adoption by companies of remote work, changed the facts in the field of communication. The operation of the Call Centers, as we knew it – with telephone devices and installed in the workplace – had to be enhanced with Cloud infrastructure, in order to expand the possibilities of communication, from any medium, and point.

The above need for extroversion was met in the best way by Microsoft Teams, which with a 275% increase in usage between November 2019 and April 2020, is the most popular collaboration platform worldwide. Microbase, following the new reality and seeking to add value to Microsoft Teams users, has developed the Enterprise Voice for Microsoft Teams Solution.

It is a solution that combines Microbase Cloud telecommunications services with the Microsoft Teams platform, enabling voice calls, both to internal users and to public numbers around the world.

Our customers trusted the Enterprise Voice For Microsoft Teams, upgrading the User and Customer Experience, adapting
at the same time to the requirements of the times

and I personally thank them for that.


enterprise voice

The Enterprise Voice For Microsoft Teams Solution can be used with any telecommunications infrastructure chosen by any business. Thus, it can be interconnected with existing On-Premise or Cloud call centers, with ePhone Cloud telecommunication solutions such as ePhone Virtual and Cloud PBX, with ePhone Cloud Contact Center infrastructure, or can be used autonomously only using Microsoft Teams.

In practice, the user with his/her corporate phone number, can make and receive calls through Microsoft Teams:

  • Inside and outside the company on a public network through the same Microsoft Teams interface used for chat, for internal meetings, for file sharing etc.
  • Using any device (smartphone, desktop, laptop, etc.).

The company also achieves:

  • Compression of its operating expenses, without roaming and mobile telephony charges.
  • Greater flexibility, reliability and security.
  • Portability and wide geographical coverage of users.
  • Unified Communication and Voice quality.

I think we are at the beginning of a new era for Cloud telephony,
with growing adoption trends, with Microsoft Teams

playing a leading role in its development.

The provision of the ability to use Microsoft Teams with all the connection options and through our Cloud infrastructure, without the need to install infrastructure at the customer’s space, is a proposal that Microbase first developed and provides in Greece, based on Microsoft certified infrastructure.