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Microbase – ELTA Collaboration for IP Telephony Solutions with Snom devices

A success story of innovation

The Microbase – ELTA collaboration  for the IP telephony solution was framed by the selection of Snom DECT devices. Evolution and quality in every way.

The project includes more than 2,500 devices in ELTA offices across Greece, covering most of their national infrastructure, connecting each office to the central infrastructure.

Especially considering the millions of customers whose requests need to be fulfilled daily in the postal sector, fast and smooth communication is a key priority. The Hellenic Post (ELTA) is a Group of Companies providing modern high quality postal services throughout Greece. To achieve this goal and because of the geographical morphology of the Greek territory, ELTA today boasts the largest retail network in Greece with many service points, with this project covering 700 of them. Hellenic Post strives to successfully meet their ever-changing needs, promotes innovation, develops new products, and continually enriches the services provided.

A phone system from the past

Alongside the headquarters in Athens, the Hellenic Post has over 1,200 offices all over the country to ensure widespread coverage on the Greek territory. ELTA had already implemented a legacy PBX in the central offices, while the other locations only had direct lines from local providers lacking in PBX functionality and without the possibility to directly communicate internally with the headquarters. The previous solution implied enormous costs to communicate internally among offices, a problem which was particularly critical for a company with a nationwide presence. Furthermore, it was not possible to see which employees were available or shared common directory with all contacts.

The sum of mentioned deficiencies made the previous system completely inefficient and inadequate. It was therefore of crucial importance to implement a new and centralized PBX system, which could meet the needs of a multi-branch company in terms of interconnectivity.

An unrivalled choice in the name of interconnection and security

In the light of these difficulties, ELTA therefore asked Microbase, their trusted telecommunications solutions partner, to propose and implement an IP telephony solution connecting every office to the central infrastructure. A very important addition: many of the communication items now would be wireless DECT handsets! This implemented the possibility of being able to answer the phone while working remotely and not on a fixed desk – something happening often in this working environment.


The project was carried out through the implementation of different models: the most deployed models were M200SC and M15SC, with a smaller number of D715 and D725 desk phones. Thanks to this new solution, it was possible to interconnect every postal office with the headquarters through a single DECT base station (M200 SC) with multiple DECT handsets (M15 SC) without any further hardware or infrastructure needed.

In addition, the solution proposed by Microbase alongside Snom DECT IP phones now allows every ELTA employee to reach any other colleague in whichever office in a simple and efficient way. This feature, in combination with the possibility to program customized keys on the DECT handset in order to perform specific operations required by the postal sector, represents just one of the many advantages of choosing Snom.

“We share a long and successful cooperation with Snom and its teams in Germany, no other IP phone A Dalezios_Pic providers were taken into consideration during the evaluation process. The unparalleled quality and stability of the products as well as their excellent price performance ratio, have been the icing on the cake in choosing this brand for such a large project”, explains Alexandros Dalezios, Business Development Manager at Microbase.

Finally, Snom devices were also chosen for their exceptionally high security standards, a feature of prime importance for a security-conscious branch such as the postal sector, where sensitive data such as personal addresses is shared every day. Snom solutions provide multiple levels of security thanks to the mutual exchange of certificates between the phone and the switchboard, the randomization of the RTP data stream ports (i.e., the telephone call) and its encryption (SRTP).



The combination of all these security measures prevents attacks and guarantees the security
of data for both the company and for the customers, representing a feature
which was particularly appreciated by the client.

A project of major extension

The project is of an enormous scale – nearing its end- comprising more than 2,500 Snom DECT phones installed over a two-year period, which covered nearly 60% of the ELTA telephony infrastructure. No doubts arose during the project and there was no difficulty without a timely solution. Thanks to the immediacy of Snom´s Customer Service Team. An additional point in favor of the vendor selection operated by Microbase.

The impact of this widespread installation on the telephony costs borne by ELTA was significant, allowing all the branches to cancel the previous subscriptions and lines and to carry out internal calls at no costs. With an estimated cost saving of more than 200,000 Euro p.a., the Hellenic Post will see a complete return on investment of the project costs in less than two years.

“With over 2,500 Snom devices installed in more than 700 locations,
we completely fulfilled our customer´s expectations in terms of functionality,
reliability, and quality.” concludes Alexandros Dalezios.

About Snom

With over 10 million installed devices and offices in the Benelux countries, England, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and South Africa, Snom Technology is a globally recognized manufacturer of IP telecommunications solutions for professional use. Founded in 1997 and a part of the VTech Group since 2016, the company continues to design and develop its products in Berlin and attaches great importance to quality and safety. Snom uses its 25 years of experience and unchanged innovative strength to tackle the new reality of mobility and increasing digitalization with cutting-edge technologies that are optimally adapted to all communication needs and environments.

The company’s worldwide sales network includes many renowned distributors and over 10,000 specialist dealers. They benefit from a dedicated partner program as well as personal remote and on-site support services that, next to leading technology, contribute to Snom’s outstanding international reputation.

About the Hellenic Post

The Hellenic Post (ELTA) is a Group of Companies founded in 1828, by the first Governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias. ELTA is the universal postal services provider in Greece, operating the largest logistics and retail network in the country. Nowadays, ELTA is committed to invest in digital transformation, inaugurating a new era with state-of the art robotic and fully digital sorting installation. This robotic system is a practical reflection of Hellenic Post’s digital shift, representing a huge technological leap and leading the group into the future, while laying the foundations for increased profitability and transforming Hellenic Post into a healthy, financially independent, and competitive business that continues to operate in the service of citizens.

About Microbase

Microbase is a Greek company that provides Integrated Communication Solutions, with dedication to the evolution of technology. It was founded in 2003 by a team of Engineers specializing in Informatics and Telecommunications. The project was led by Antonis Psaras and Giannis Lagonikas, who are managing Microbase until today. Its viability and growth are inherent in its predictability and long-term planning. Microbase’s growth continues dynamically, based on its strong presence in the Greek and the world market. Both the Management and its Executives, today, with the knowledge, the experience and the significant know-how, design, implement and manage development modernization actions in the free market (Private Sector) and the Public Sector (Central Public Administration, Organizations, Local Government Organizations). The goal of Microbase is to maintain the Business Excellence that has been achieved through the high efficiency of the results, the financial robustness, the high standards of safety and quality, the inseparable relationship with the customers-partners. Microbase is a licensed Greek Provider of Networks and Electronic Communications Services, by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT).

A success story of innovation