November 6, 2023 margarita

Quality | Realizing Your Competitive Potential

Katerina Geronatsiou | Quality Assurance Manager / DPO

In the rapidly evolving environment we live in, the Quality of products/services/processes is a necessary factor for its integration into the business flow. Competition has reached unprecedented levels and only when an organization respects the market’s and the consumer’s demands for Quality, will it survive.

MB_WQW BLOG ENThis year’s World Quality Week theme “Quality: realizing your competitive potential”, by “The Chartered Quality Institute” (CQI), provides the spark to put Quality higher in our priorities and become more competitive.

The actions are simple and known. Let’s follow them for the sake of Quality…

In all industries, the first concern of any organization is to identify the expectations of the customers. There are many tools (e.g., surveys) to find out what our customers are asking for. The proper study of the insights will support our steps.

But Quality starts from within because it characterizes a culture. Proper training, encouragement for Quality and constant improvement are continuous and concern those involved in the company’s processes. Quality experts have many tools to recommend to us, for continuous improvements (e.g., Six Sigma).

The next step is to integrate into our strategy the study of the competition, to reach our differentiation. Identifying special Quality features of our products, and promoting them, will make us stand out, gain uniqueness.

And after reaching the top, we continue to be ready, “embracing” innovation. We get improved through various business practices (e.g., partnerships, R&D, new technologies).

With these simple steps businesses gain a significant competitive advantage,
in an environment that needs respect and progress.

And finally, following Quality whether in life or at work, leads us to self-respect –
before we even reach the customer!


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