February 15, 2022 margarita

New website, new image, new era for Microbase

Margarita Epitropaki | Microbase Corporate Communication & Marketing Manager

The new Microbase website is the basis of a new era for the company. The passion for technology, the eagerness for continuous knowledge, the trust of the customers, the course of development, are the main reasons that led to this lift. The speed with which the digital transformation developed – due to the covid pandemic – was another reason:

A) to emphasize the strategic role that technology must play in the roadmap of each organization and

B) for the market to learn Microbase’s position, perceptions and differentiation.

The confidence with which we approach our audience stems from our complete Solutions and our solid Products, which are presented clearly and comprehensively in the new, modern and dynamic environment of our website. With almost 20 years of experience, we make an effort to bring technology closer to Man, to make it easier. The same is reflected on our website, presenting our services concisely and clearly.

We place Man, Technology and Voice at the core
and with interdependence.

voice exchange wide

Microbase’s Services provide solutions at a statistical and operational level and for the convenience of the employees and the management of each organization. In addition, the logic of the company – a “boutique” technology one – allows us to create bonds with our customers, with our Engineers leading with their perfect knowledge level.

To apply Marketing in technology, one should think multilevel. It includes exploration, comparison, training, facilitation, improvement. Technology is not easily advertised, because it is not a product that one simply buys; it is a strategic investment and its implementation must be deeply perceived by the customer, so that he/she can make the most of it. Whoever explores it first, excels. We aim, with our new website in combination with our informative actions, to achieve the continuous and necessary training of our market and to support our customers in this direction.

Microbase provides Integrated Communication Solutions,
with dedication to the evolution of Technology.