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Interview of Antonis Psaras at infocom.gr

Antonis Psaras: 2024 is a milestone year for Microbase

To Christos Kotsakas

Psaras MB_blog 940-788 ENAt a time when digital transformation is constantly accelerating, Microbase, led by Managing Director, Antonis Psaras, has carved out a distinct presence in the telecoms sector. Since its establishment in 2003 and with a focus on telecommunications software development, Microbase has followed a path of growth and evolution that reflects the wider changes in the technology sector. Today, the integrated set of services it offers, which extends from telecommunications solutions to cyber security and cloud services, positions it as a key player in the digital transformation of our country, delivering any telecommunications project, of any scale.

As Mr. Psaras claims, in an interview he gave us in a recent episode of SmartTalks, an important milestone in the history of Microbase was the development of the first cloud telecommunications infrastructure in Greece, which happened in the distant, now, 2006 – a proof of its innovative spirit and technical capabilities. This infrastructure, offered as telecom-as-a-service (TaaS), laid the foundation for a series of products and solutions that formed the backbone of the portfolio it would implement in the following years.

The central pillar of these is Exelysis, a unified telecommunications platform that includes a series of services, such as telephony,
contact center and unified communication.

The diversification into cybersecurity and cloud services can be characterized as a strategic response to the nature of modern telecommunications. Mr. Psaras emphasizes the “interconnection” that exists among these services and the underlying telecommunications infrastructure, highlighting the holistic approach Microbase takes to providing a suite of digital solutions. In the digital era, this strategy stands as a proof that cybersecurity and cloud features are not just add-on services or luxuries, but an integral part of the overall telecommunications ecosystem, enabling the smooth functioning of any organization.

Central to the operation of Microbase is the recognition of the critical role played by its staff. The company has a team with a high level of technical know-how, which is cultivated and strengthened through training and continuous experience. After all, developing telecommunications software requires a combination of expertise and innovation. According to Microbase’s head, this talent pool and personal touch is vital to the organization’s ability to provide high-quality and reliable telecommunications infrastructure, which has earned the customers’ trust over the years.

On the topic of digital transformation, Microbase’s vision concerns a seamless transition of the telecommunications infrastructure to the digital era. Despite the noticeable push towards digitization, both in the private and public sectors, Mr. Psaras points out that there is a lag in the adoption of advanced telecommunications infrastructures. And that’s because many companies continue to rely on on-premise solutions, missing out on the benefits of cloud-based telecommunications services. The company seeks to bridge this gap by facilitating the transition to more modern, efficient communication applications and incorporating artificial intelligence to improve communication. Always respecting the need for human conversation, especially on issues to be solved, Mr. Psaras emphasizes to us that as Man is always at the center of Microbase’s operation, he will insist on providing solutions that will combine the current technological capabilities (AI) in balance with human presence.

Mr. Psaras emphasizes the importance of the substantial steps taken by the public sector towards digitization, improving the services provided to the citizen. A notable initiative is the introduction of artificial intelligence into the GovGR platform, enhancing and facilitating interaction and finding solutions. In relation to whether the talent that currently exists in the market can meet the needs and demand for human resources, he notes that:

“for the number of projects that currently exist in Greece, from the public sector and only, there is understaffing. In other words, there is a great need to bring in people who have expertise in specific professions”.

Security is the cornerstone of Microbase’s operations, especially in an era where cyber threats are intensifying and growing. Its strategy includes not only the development of secure telecommunications networks, but also the protection of end-user devices. This dual approach to infrastructure and endpoint protection reflects a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity landscape. The partnerships with leaders in the field of cyber security, which Mr. Psaras refers to, further strengthen Microbase’s capabilities, ensuring that its customers benefit from strong protection against cyber threats.

Looking ahead, Microbase’s strategic plan for 2024, a milestone year for the transformation of its products and solutions, envisages the expansion of cloud services, aiming to further overcome geographical boundaries in providing state-of-the-art telecommunications solutions. Always guided by its 3fold TECHNOLOGY-VOICE-MAN operation, it looks far, with a first stop in Africa, where Microbase already has a footprint. This expansion is in line with its vision to lead the digital transformation in telecommunications, not only in Greece but in all emerging markets. At the same time, Mr. Psaras also refers to a “flagship project”, which will offer a multitude of services using AI models and natural language recognition.

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