May 4, 2020 margarita

Health: Smart technology for smart communication | In the COVID era

Antonis Psaras | Microbase Managing Director

Telemedicine is the next major challenge for the Greek health system – on a larger scale – not just for the State. Remote medical assistance through Voice is necessary, with multiple benefits such as: that of keeping distance, that of ensuring health and that of human warm communication.

The problems:

  • The pandemic – an enemy of physical health
  • Isolation – enemy of mental health
  • The limited movement
  • Difficulties for the elderly (mobility, technology, health)
  • Geographical distances (islands, border)
  • Limited number of medical staff

The solutions:

  • Telemedicine through applications, wearables and special devices
    Advantages: automated operations, accurate measurements, possibility -under condition- for remote intervention.
    Limitations: limited access, difficulty of using technologies by the elderly, little human contact, difficult mass application.
  • Telemedicine through voice phone calls using Contact Center, Artificial Intelligence and Bots technologies.
    Advantages: automated functions, voice technology easily accessible to all, direct human contact, easy mass application.
    Limitations: limited possibilities of intervention, measurements based on the patient.

Telemedicine is the next major challenge
the Greek health system, on a larger scale,
not only for the State.



What Exelysis offers

Exelysis offers telemedicine through voice phone calls using Contact Center, Artificial Intelligence and Bots technologies. Technology is becoming human for Medicine as well, using Voice and human contact.

The innovative Artificial Intelligence and Bots of modern technology have become more widely known now during the pandemic. Their use in the health sector has made them valuable tools for decongestion and better handling of the volume of patient-doctor telephone calls. It is a technology that eases the time of medical staff for telephone information and guidance, leaving them in the field of corridors of the hospitals they mainly belong to. AI and bots technology meets the need for information requests, helps patients with chronic diseases, educates the public. Excellent solution for simple but numerous needs for information for citizens, patients!

Studying the Microsoft article and the statistics of good practices in Europe, we find the truth of the matter.

Following these real benefits of modern technology, and after AI and bots have filtered the calls (by providing general information and training the public), the Exelysis Contact Center Solution puts in the frame the additional parameter of Voice. Human contact.

The exelysis Solutions come to meet the need for remote diagnosis through a simple phone call – even to older people unfamiliar with the technology – and the need to provide psychological support.

It is the tool that can intelligently manage this communication, maximizing its quality. It is the tool that at the same time covers the coldness of an artificial voice, since behind the voice – the elderly or anyone in need – speaks to a person, to a professional. Invaluable value, especially for cases of psychological support or health issues, which require an immediate first diagnosis and therefore the cognitive ability of a professional.

In addition, the automated Communication Solutions offered by Exelysis:

  1. Serve the needs of mass updates and data collection, such as temperature measurements,
  2. help sort and better manage incoming calls, improving the performance of nurses/doctors and the quality of health services provided through a voice channel.

Those are just a few of the benefits of Exelysis, which are provided through voice portals and the use of natural speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies.

In the era of the COVID pandemic, health organizations
acquired another challenge, that of telemedicine.
Health at the center now and always.