July 21, 2022 margarita

Microbase participates as a Supplier in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0

The Small-Medium Enterprises (SME) Digital Tools Program Giving 90% Subsidy to Businesses Is Here

Microbase participates in the “Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises” Program as a Supplier and offers Solutions & Services that meet modern technological requirements.

More specifically, it participates with the following Solutions and Services in Program I: “Digital Tools for small and medium enterprises “, which provides vouchers that will be allocated for the acquisition of Microbase’s proposals, through purchase or lease, of new digital products and services, as described below:


  1. Exelysis Cloud Contact Center in the category “Productivity, Communication and Collaboration Platforms (Cloud Productivity Suites)” with code A.02.01
  2. Cloud/Virtual PBX & Voice over Microsoft Teams in the category “Conventional Cloud/Virtual PBX type solutions” with code A.02.04
  3. Check Point EndPoint Protection in the category “Security for end users and their devices: Endpoint Protection/EDR, Data Loss Prevention” with code A.04.01
  4. Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud in the category “Business continuity assurance: Cloud Disaster Recovery & Backup solutions/subscriptions” with code A.04.05

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The Opportunity For Digital Upgrading
Of Small And Medium Enterprises Is Here!