January 10, 2023 margarita

Cloud | Our digital security today

Antonis Psaras | Microbase Managing Director

Personal and material security have become a topic of discussion worldwide, especially after the pandemic. They require attention and vigilance.

Our digital security nowadays has gained an important place, whether we are individuals or businesses/organizations since this too can affect both our personal and material security.

As individuals, being suspicious of the digital notifications we receive, may be enough.

As businesses, being suspicious is not enough. Identifying and mitigating risks is one thing. But trusting digital security experts to prevent risks in a multi-layered framework, is the need of the hour.

And especially as the business (inevitably) moves to the Cloud, there are many “doors” that an attacker can breach. We are not referring to the case where the business has more than one Cloud Provider, because then the challenges multiply.

So how can we protect our assets in the Cloud?

Creating a secure Cloud blueprint is a key step in our first line of defense, aiming to strengthen our weak points.
As a first move, we ask ourselves:

  • What visibility and context do I have into my network and Cloud assets?
  • How do my users help or hinder good security?
  • What integration is possible with the current security I have implemented?
  • How can DevOps become DevSecOps without losing agility?
  • Can I easily implement and enforce uniform policies across all endpoints (end point security)?
  • Will I have a single portal for complete management?

The next move is understanding the security we already have for the Cloud and the security we need. Unequivocal management of our digital security will make it easier to manage our business and lead to a faster return on investment (ROI).

For our digital security we trust a certified partner that has a range of Solutions, the implementation of which will protect our data and ensure access to it only by our users.

We focus on prevention and not treatment!

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