April 18, 2024 margarita

Microbase Voluntary Blood Donation – April 2024

Microbase organized on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, a Voluntary Blood Donation as part of its social actions, to support the corporate Blood Bank.

Employees, partners, and friends participated.




  • 14 bottles of blood were collected, which can help 42 fellow human beings in need (platelets, plasma and red blood cells) and
  • a bone marrow sample was taken from 5 blood donor volunteers,

in collaboration with the Hellenic Red Cross, at our company’s offices in Argiroupolis.

An action that only does good for everyone, it spreads awareness and
with the central message “Always putting Man at the core”
of Microbase.

We sincerely thank the Hellenic Red Cross and the President Dr. Antonios Avgerinos for the collaboration. We also thank the volunteers, the doctor and Mrs. Maria Kourkoulakou, Blood Donation Coordinator, for the flawless organization.

During December 2023 and February 2024, we offered 3 bottles of blood to 3 fellow human beings who were in need.

Obeying our social conscience, to give to those in need, we established Voluntary Blood Donation 2 times a year (every October and April).