Telecom Operator Callcenter Upgrade

One of the largest triple play companies in Greece. Decreased call center costs, increased productivity and customer satisfaction with Exelysis Contact Center.

The company
One of the largest triple play companies in Greece, offering a wide range of telephony, internet and IPTV services. They operate a customer contact center in Athens, Greece, which handles the inbound and outbound service and sales interactions with their customers who range from home users and small business to some of the largest companies in Greece.

The business challenge
The company has extended contact center needs as they need to service their more than 100,000 customers. At the same time, they also need to promote their products to a pool of potential new customers. Until July 2010, all these interactions were handled and performed by outsourced call centers. However, due to continuously increasing fees but also due to the need to monitor more closely the call center operations, the company decided to upgrade its existing call center from 10 existing agents to 100 agents who would handle all customer communication.

To maximize the performance of their call center they set specific requirements which had to be met by the call center management software. Firstly, they needed that it would be able to support without issues the 100 agent call center. They also required features like Predictive Dialing, On Demand Recording, Advanced Inbound Traffic Distribution and Integration with their CRM software. Finally, they requested advanced statistics and analytical reporting to be able to monitor closely the call handling and the agent performance.

The solution
After receiving offers from different companies, they decided that the Exelysis Contact Center, with all the features and at less than half the price of the other offers, was the obvious choice.

There were created 100 call center agent positions, all of which are handling a blended mix of inbound and outbound calls. Each workstation is equipped with an Exelysis Contact Center client which facilitates the call management through an on screen toolbar. This toolbar has also a button which enables On Demand Recording.

The inbound calls are differentiated, enqueued and distributed according to several parameters which include agent skills, different priorities and purpose of the call. A specific feature which really increased customer satisfaction was that every customer is directed to the last agent who had serviced him and only if that agent is busy is the call routed to a different one. This way the customer usually has a more familiar “voice” to talk to and no need to re-explain the issue.

The outbound calls, organized in campaigns, are performed through either power dialing or predictive dialing. Especially the predictive dialing feature has impressively increased the productivity of the call center while making sure that the abandoned calls number remains low.

All Exelysis Contact Center operations are presented in real time monitoring and several analytical reports which have been designed according to the specifications provided by the call center supervisors. In addition, their programmers were trained to manage the platform and create additional reporting according to needs emerging from daily operations.

The results
Since the upgrade of their call center, the Telecommunications Provider has seen significant positive results, including reduced call handling times, faster completion of outbound campaigns and, the most important, increased customer satisfaction.

In addition, they no longer use outsourced call centers, ensuring better monitoring of call center operations and better cost control.

Besides, their programmers have been given full training and access to manage the service, design side applications and create custom reports to better monitor the operations.

Most of all, by using Exelysis Contact Center features and capabilities, they are now able to provide a much better service to their customers and improve job satisfaction of their agents.