Interworks SA Project


Interworks SA (trade name is a purely Greek company that has been active since 2001 in the field of cloud (IaaS, SaaS) and managed services, while it employs more than 100 people. Interworks SA maintains a strategic cooperation with Microsoft in the field of cloud distribution (Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure), but also with several technology providers such as Acronis, Fortinet, Webroot, Dropbox, etc. It serves companies through its network of partners in Greece, Cyprus and Malta, offering solutions for infrastructure, security, productivity and support. Interworks SA maintains one of the largest Data Centers in Northern Greece, where it hosts services and data of thousands of Greek companies, ensuring fast speeds, stability, and security in a fully renovated infrastructure center.


Always utilizing the most modern technology services, Interworks covered its telecommunication needs with an IP technology call center and corresponding services. However, the great increase of remote working, the integration of the Microsoft Teams solution in all internal communication and the need for central management of the 6 telephone numbers inside and outside Greece, the 3 different IVRs and the 2 Fax numbers, led Interworks to seek a total telecommunication cloud Solution for integrated telecommunication services, which would cover the above needs.


Microbase responded to the needs of Interworks, offering a set of cloud Services, namely:

  • The Cloud PBX Solution, a dedicated cloud call center, which manages the calls from all phone numbers and, through the different IVRs, routes them correspondingly.
  • The Microbase Enterprise Voice Service, which connects the call center to Microsoft Teams and enables users to have their internal number on their Teams client, PC or mobile, wherever they are.
  • The ePhone Telecommunication Services, with the routing of all geographical numbers in Greece and abroad, as well as the Fax to Email service.


Utilizing the above Services, Interworks integrated all its telecommunication functions and through the interface with Microsoft Teams, facilitated their use from anywhere. As a result, Interworks:

  • significantly reduced its telecommunication costs,
  • reduced the complexity and the cost of its infrastructure,
  • improved the management of incoming calls, with an emphasis on calls to the support department,
  • increased the telecommunications availability of its users through their Microsoft Teams clients.


Cloud PBX

Microbase Enterprise Voice For Microsoft Teams

ePhone Telecommunication Services