Pizza Delivery Call Center

The largest pizza delivery company in Greece. Obtained a large call center and gained outsourcing costs, increased customer satisfaction and delt with cost creating issues with Exelysis Contact Center.

The company
The largest pizza delivery company in Greece. They have been operating since 1996 and they now have 56 pizza delivery points all over Greece.
The business challenge
This company, like most pizza delivery companies in Greece, used to receive orders in every store according to the area of the customer. They decided that they would achieve important cost cuts if they operated a central call center to receive the orders and then send them to each store for execution.
They estimated that to handle the traffic, they would need 60 agents for normal traffic days, a number that would have to reach 160 agents on high peak days (Champions League Final, Eurovision Song Contest etc.). The software which would be used for the call center operations would also have to offer advanced statistics and analytical reporting, so that they would be able to improve with specific adjustments the call center performance. Call recording was also needed.
As they had already started building an inhouse CRM application for receiving and executing orders, they needed the Contact Center software to be integrated with this program.

The solution
Although the company was using a Cisco PBX for their telecommunication needs, they decided to replace it entirely when Exelysis presented their proposed solution.
The technical solution included two Exelysis Media Gateways with 8 PRI lines each. As Exelysis Contact Center can handle more than one PBX, they were able to operate in a cluster mode. Additionally, each store was equipped with a smaller PBX which was connected to the main servers through the Internet. This operation, together with the Call Center operations, was handled through the Exelysis Contact Center.
For the Call Center operations, 160 working stations were created, to operate a blended system of inbound and outbound calls. In each work station’s PC, the Exelysis Contact Center client was installed to facilitate call management and on demand recording.
Finally, with Exelysis Contact Center’s set of APIs which expose its functionality, the integration with their CRM program was achieved in a quick and smooth way.