Exelysis UCS mini

Exelysis UCS mini is the entry level product Exelysis UCS family offering all PBX functionality needed by a small to medium sized company. It is a pure VoIP PBX based on Asterisk. Through VoIP Gateways, Exelysis UCS mini can connect with the PSTN network.

Its main features include:
•    Embedded OS in flash card installed in an industrial type board which offers high availability in an unfriendly environment.
•    Voicemail, auto-answer, IVR, conferencing, queuing and other similar functions.
•    Availability to connect from 1 PSTN line to 8 ISDN BRI lines.
•    Can take up to 20 internal IP phones and support advanced features like conferencing, BLF, Call Forwarding, Call Recording etc.
•    Video Phone support.
•    VoIP trunking capability.
•    Able to connect with Outlook.
•    Automatic support communication with Microbase